Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I cut my own hair with kitchen scissors. And other cheap-arse confesssions.

I think I'm a bit of a beauty tight-arse.

It strikes me as incredibly indulgent to pay someone $150 to lop off your hair.  I'll go to Price Attack and still feel peeved at handing over $40.  Usually I get my lovely hairdresser sister in law to cut my hair, but, truthfully, I've also been known to have a bit of a go of it myself with a pair of scissors.  Sometimes it doesn't look bad either.

(but mostly it's crap.  Don't try this at home.)

I won't pay for waxing - I've been doing my own for years.  And what about PLUCKING? Who pays someone to PLUCK their eyebrows, for goodness sake? 

Next people will be paying for someone to shave their armpits.   Imagine: "That'll be $7 extra for shaving cream".   Don't laugh, I bet a salon out there is having a lightbulb moment as we speak. 

Nails; I haven't had mine done since my wedding, and that was a disaster.  I spent the entire honeymoon peeling off my doomed acrylics. 

There was one time I bought a Clinique moisturiser, but mostly I go for Ponds or Olay or whatever is under $10 at the supermarket.  I will pay for makeup; but by god I'm not happy about it one bit.

What are you a bit of a tight arse about?

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  1. yeah you are extremely right the time is passing and things and human are changing their value everyday the girls single or married want to save they must do these little changes in home by own because its most important for them like plucking , eye brow , armpits etc i always appreciate the girls like you so you are one of them be happy and stay blessed japanese shears