Saturday, October 22, 2011

Another little strawberry on its way (I'm pregnant!)

It looks like there's going to be one more little person and a lot less chardonnay (for a while!) in the house of Strawberry.

Yes it's true, the double lines came up so it looks like my seduction techniques  weren't such a fail after all.  We're going to have another baby!!

We've been trying for 10 months so are really really stoked (and relieved!!).  I just wanted to share... with someone.  I'm only barely six weeks so early days yet but no morning sickness or anything too horrible, just sore ta-tas and the ability to eat my weight in any sort of food, hourly.

Speaking of eating.  I gained 28 kilos during my first pregnancy.   Seriously.  I was a Big fat happy Mumma-to-be, merrily stuffing my face with McDonalds, cheescakes, foccacias... there wasn't a carb in sight that was safe from my sausage fingers.   And boy did I have fun doing it!

But after a full 3 years losing that weight I'm determined not to go down that path again.  Pregnancy weight does NOT just "fall off".  It is torturous, painful and expensive to lose; it's fat, just like regular-person fat. 

Must say though I'm looking forward to finally easing up a bit and having pasta now and then!

ps.  I debated blogging about this so early but frankly, it's too hard to blog about your life while ignoring the BIGGEST thing going on in your life.
Also, some of you may've noticed I posted this up a week or so ago then took it down - figured I'd better at least tell immediate family, before spilling the beans here... LOL .  
Did I mention how excited we are?    Just for good measure... *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  1. TOP news! Congratulations! 10 months is too long to wait - SO pleased for you!

  2. Thanks so much ladies! We are over the moon. Now I get to bore you all with every gory detail! xx

  3. Hi Carla,
    Am soooooo excited for u! Welcome to preggie world again! Hope all runs smoothly and u can tell the world soon! Yay glad after 10 months u r finally there. Big congrads to u guys and am sure will chat soon.
    Love Jane and family xxxx