Thursday, June 16, 2011

My toddler is obsessed with boobies.

My toddler is obsessed with boobies.  Specifically, my boobies.

She loves to point out: "Mummy has biiiiiig boobies!", usually followed by "I got no boobies".  In the natural, world-revolves-around-me state of toddlerdom, I know this preoccupation is all about her and comparing herself to me, but at times it is slightly unnerving.  For example, stepping out of the shower to find a pair of beady eyes trained straight on your chest is pretty much a daily occurance.  And that's only her father, lol.

One of the gems that came out of her mouth the other day, as I was getting her buckled into her car seat: "Mummy - you have two babies in your boobies!".

No really, I guess it's kind of cute.  And I do have magnificent knockers, who can blame the kid.

But lately, the obsession has expanded to include hair.  You know, ladygarden hair and other hair in places 3 year olds don't get hair.  This is a little more awkward.  Miss 3 delights in telling me, for example, when I require a little attention with the tweezers.  "Mummy, you got hair on you chin!!" she exclaims disappovingly, stroking the offending spot.  "I don't got hair on my chin.  Rapunzel doesn't have hair on her chin."

Now before you consider me a bearded circus lady, I don't have a full goatee or anything... just the few strays those of pale skin and dark hair are prone to from time to time.  But trust me, if I've been lax with the wax, little red will find them.

So yes, it's off to the pharmacy again to stock up on hair removal products.  Wouldn't want to be outdone by Rapunzel, after all.

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