Monday, June 13, 2011

Welcome to my world!

Well, here we are.  After a couple of years of working with blogs and bloggers, I've finally become curious enough to start my own.  God knows who on earth will read it, and I really have no idea what I'm doing but y'know.... WHY NOT.

Facebook is too small to contain my ramblings and Livejournal is a graveyard these days (can't say I've helped its cause too much in recent years) so here I am.

First of all, let me explain my blog's title.  Strawberry, Strawberry_lovemuffin and variations on these have been online names of mine for well over 10 years now... it's kind of my virtual identity so to speak, although strangely enough, I do come across Strawberrys on the net frequenty.  Never any Lovemuffins though.
When setting up this blog strawberrysworld was already taken, so I had to go with strawberrysworldblog.  You know what this means?  Someone out there is pre-emptively stealing my identity.  Ohwhoo oooo ooo.  It's like the Bourne Identity only in blogspace.  Bet their blog is nowhere near as awesome as mine anyway... ;)

I guess you could say this blog will be about parenting, since I am mum to a 3-year old.  But it may just be about other stuff.  I don't know yet...  WEEEEEEEEE this is really fun!  It's like creating a whole new country where you are the dictator, the populace and, as yet, the only reader.

In conclusion: Strawberry's World!  Stawberry's World!  Party On!  Excellent!

(*cough*  I promise my next update will contain actual meaningful content.
Actually scrap that, I can't promise that. What am I thinking?)

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