Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday gratefulness

I read an article today which said happiness is in recognising the little things right now that are good in your life, rather than fixating on the ones we think will make our lives better.

I've read articles like this a million times in the past, but for some reason today it really sunk in.  The author was grateful for things like a new pot she found for her plant, or for the fact her kids were enjoying their lego.  And she found one thing every day - even things about her partner, which is a very interesting concept.

I take my partner for granted for sure, we probably all do with our husbands.  This author was thankful her partner always gave her the largest slice of dessert with the nicest crust, although she admitted she was miserable for years waiting for him to make a big romantic gesture.

My husband always kisses me goodbye in the morning - no matter whether he leaves at 6am while I'm still dead asleep, or 7am when I'm stumbling out, bleary eyed like him.

And that I'm grateful for.  There are many, many other things but this one thing still makes me smile whenever I think of.  It's a courtesy he undertakes, whereas I know I'd often forget. 

Other things I'm grateful for today:

- Being 71.6kg, not exactly a tiny girl but still maintaining a loss of 6kg nearly a year on, and nearly 20kg from where I was after Little Red was born
- Having paid nearly 1 year off our house! (only 29 to go... LOL)
- Having a great new novel to read, half way in, and knowing there are not one, but FIVE sequels to this one... god I love a new series to sink my teeth into

This Friday I'm grateful for these things.  What are you grateful for?


  1. I'm grateful that my children went to bed easily after a day of screaming. I'm grateful for a load of blue metal delivered so that we can cover over the mud that has been making my life miserable. And I'm grateful for interstate trips :-)

  2. I'm grateful to find a blogger who is on the same wavelength as me and is also a working Mum :)

  3. Aw, I can't tell you how THRILLED I am I have followers now... thankyou thankyou thankyou, I'm grateful for you. Veronica you are an angel. How you help new bloggers is truly inspiring. And Anje I look forward to sharing many trials and tribulations of working mum life with you!

  4. I am grateful for discovering my sister in law and I have a passion for books and blogging. I am grateful I found this out 10 years into our relationship and not 20 years in. And most of all I am grateful that Princess Mackenzie has nodded off on the couch and therefore I have the iPad to myself to type this comment.