Saturday, October 1, 2011

Why I don't miss my 3 year old for a week

Little Red has been on holidays at her nannas for the week.

When I've told people my daughter is away on holidays (all of 5 nights mind you) the reaction is normally this:

"Oh... what do you think of that?"

What do I think of that?

I think that I've won the bloody lotto, is what I think.

I'm not sure if that makes me a BAD mum, probably.  Sorry bout that.  But Red has a ball on these holidays, so does nanna, and frankly, so do I. 

Here's a list of just a few things I've done this week:
  • Actually had sex with my husband.  Twice.
  • Cleaned the entire house in under 2 hours.  Including washing the windows, cleaning the stove and rangehood, vaccuming, mopping, the entire thing.  It's amazing what you can achieve when a little person isn't trying to ride the vaccum cleaner like a horse.
  • Caught up on 4 episdoes of The Borgias and finished an entire novel.
  • Not only got to work on time, but sitting at my desk 15 minutes early.   With an ironed shirt, beautifully straightened hair and carefully applied eyeshadow. 
  • Shopped for a new bra.   And purchased one.   Anyone who has a 3 year old will understand what a monumental achievement this is.  
  • Gazed apon my gorgeous, clean house, and committed every spotless nook and cranny to memory, before it once again, erupts in a volcano of Dora merchandise.
Now I have my Princess back, and of course, I missed her like crazy.

A clean house doesn't make up for that lonely corner in your heart where the cuddles are missing.

But you know what; I don't think I should feel guilty about enjoying my little holiday.  It was pretty damn cool, and Red is happy too.

Mum, however, might need a few months to recover... LOL.


  1. Don't feel guilty!

    God, I would LOVE to have just a day or two away from my 2 and 3 year old sometimes lol but unfortunately, I'm not that lucky :(

    I have an anxiety disorder which while is perfectly controlled, does occasionally rear its ugly head with extra stress, such as loooong weeks with difficult kids in winter...argh!

    They need as many breaks from us as we do them, sometimes!

    A break from normality is a wonderful thing :)

    Take it, ENJOY IT!

    (looks at mother in law..)

  2. Thankyou Lauren!!! And ditto on the anxiety thing. I have my first psychologist appointment tomorrow. I feel very very lucky to have a mum who can take my daughter off my hands for a week here and there on school holidays. You're right it's good for my mental health and everyone's happy, so why should I feel guilty about it? xx