Sunday, August 14, 2011

What the pluck?

Imagine if you will: it's the mid-1990's.  Brooke Shields is sooooo last decade and for girls who think they're grownups it's all about the shiny, satin business shirts, big drop earrings,  seriously matte Burgundy Poppy King lipstick and tonnes of Eu De Poison.  And plucked brows.

Plucking my brows into almost-obsurity was one of the more daft decisions of my youth (and that's a pretty distinguished honour).

I blame Shannen Doherty.  Damn you Shannen.  You and Jennie and all the other 90210-ers with your little brows and big overalls and long flowery skirts which somehow looked cute on you but didn't quite translate to chubby 20 year old.

You see I used to have brows.  Lovely ones, very lush and full.  But somehow in my mixed up teenage mind I equated fat brows with, well, FAT and while I was at a loss to know what to do with my thunder-thighs I had the perfect weapon against disgusting fat eyebrows right at my fingertips.  And pluck those buggers I did, right throughout my late teens and 20's - actually make that early 30's as well.   Until one day I realised I missed them.

It may have had something to do with an article I read stating that full brows make you look younger.  Or the fact that, evidenced by nearly all models and actresses in magazines these days, the Skinny Brow has absolutely had it's day.

But much to my horror, I stopped plucking... but they didn't grow!  Or rather, they did grow, but not in the places I wanted them to.  There were sparse bits here and gaps there, although they had absolutely no qualms growing everywhere I didn't want them (note to eyebrows: monobrows, are not, and never will be in.)

I discovered, as many before me have done, that overzealous plucking is a no-way back street.  And now I'm doomed to wander the earth forever, morose and brow-beaten, searching for the perfect colour eyebrow pencil.   THANKS SHANNEN!!!!!!!!!!!

What about you?  Did you stuff up your brows in your youth?  Any other beauty decisions you regret?

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  1. What a gorgeous array of posts for me to feast upon!

    (My brows are untouched. Phew. For once my utter lazy un-vanity of the 1990's pays off!)

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. You get what I was saying totally.