Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fat.... yet Fragrant!

So.  Today I have eaten:* 1 x Celebrity Slim mint-choc diet shake (see, started the day with good intentions!!)
+ coffee
* 1 apple
* An olive, 3 chunks of yummy cheese on crackers, 4 x Spring rolls, 2 pappadum thingies
(it was 'International morning tea day' at work)
* A tin of chicken on corn thins, plus a sizeable side-salad
* A piece of hedgehog slice, half a lamington, a tiny shortbread biscuit and a piece of Violet crumble.

And it's only 12.58pm.

Damn... if smoking doesn't kill me, I think quitting and becoming morbidly obsese surely will.

Just can't. stop. putting. stuff. in . my. mouth.  I am, however enjoying not smelling like smoke.  That's nice, and refreshing.  Women should smell like women.  I enjoy being fragrant :)

Just an update on TTC.  It's been 8 months now. 
Next month it's off to the fertility specialist if this month doesn't work.  Hence, another good reason for quitting the fags. 

Oh well, at least I have the "eating for two" part of getting pregnant downpat (even though it's been a massive fail in every other department!)
Wish me luck and LOL Cats!

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