Saturday, September 3, 2011

Working class man

I've always had a bit of a "thing" for tradies. 

Sorry, but I must reference Jimmy Barnes here.  Not the bloated Barnes of now, but the young, buff, slightly dangerous one who sang "Working Class Man"; in front of a field of burning sugar cane, his long hair dripping with sweat, sweat glistening off his slim yet toned pecs in his white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off.

Excuse me while I take a minute. (breathe in)


There's one lyric in particular which always gets me from that song, to this day, and I don't know WHY it evokes such a strong emotional reaction, it just does.

"And he loved a little woman;
One day he'll make his wife...
Saving all the overtime
For the one love of his life."

Now this is incredibly curious, because not only have I never needed a bloke's "overtime" in my entire life, I've usually earned close to twice as much as any guy I've ever been with.  Far from being a helpless little woman.

And yet part of me (that part below the belly button... heh) finds the whole thing *waves hand over the above* incredibly sexy.

It's probably why I'm a serial tradie-dater (and marrier, come to that); and I'm not alone.  Lots of my college-educated girlfriends are exactly the same.  Maybe it's just that coming home to the honest simplicity of someone who can unplug your drain or screw your cabinets together - metaphorically of course - is refreshing.  After all, someone has to understand the intructions from Ikea.

The only problem really, is a difference in energy levels.  Blokes who work hard all day, understandably, want to come home and veg on the couch.  Preferably with a beer.  I swear some days if Jennifer Hawkins sashayed past wearing a thong bikini my husband would ask her to please move out of the way because he's trying to watch Tosh.0.

After sitting in an office all day, I'm exactly the opposite.  I crave some physicality.  Some summer nights, I'd love to go for a family walk after dinner.   On weekends I'd like to go to the park, or ride bikes, horseriding.  Dancing.  Or dammit, even climb a rock wall or two.  But instead I morph into Homer Simpson's sidekick, watching tv beside him.

Anyone else in the same boat?  What does your hubby do and do your energy levels match?

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